Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you note from Roly..

Dear generous benefactors,

Published here is a thank you note Roly e-mailed to me, so that he can express his thanks and gratitude for your kindness.

I will attach the print screen soon tonight. Thank you and we wish you a Happy New Year =)

    Dear all..........
    I am very happy when you are interesting with my studies and give me scholarship.
    It is very important because what you all have supported me are reducing so many my difficulties,especially your supporting on my studies.The money that I got, I take it to buy the books that i need,buy some necessary medical equipments for my practice at hospital and buy some school uniform too.
    More over,all of your activities are not only solve my student lifestyle and it shown me about helping each other by good charity that I should do it in the future as possible as I can.
    In the end of my message beside of the word thanks,i would like to promise you that I will work hard to study,to be a good doctor for my community and my country.
    I pray to Allah give you all have barkat, Rahmat Afyatv and hidayah,Amine.

Gorzaly B.yakkob (kop roly).